Cinema has become my most intense passion that began with an interest in photography. This interest evolved into my obsession with moving imagery.


A film is told in images and having worked with a variety of directors the collaboration is the part I enjoy the most. Capturing the feel of the film through the camera and helping to realise the director’s vision then seeing the final product is the high I get from Cinematography and being a Director of Photography on set.


I love to work with new directors and with great scripts and with my CV filled with predominantly narrative films, I have built a reputation of being able to serve the story and demonstrate a technical flexibility that suits any genre of film.


Bring on the new films. This is an exciting time to be a filmmaker with so many platforms and avenues for creation but ultimately it still comes down to those essential craft skills and most importantly, how to tell a story in an engaging and cinematic way. (And yes, I know what that word actually means.)